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Meet our Staff
                         MEET OUR AMAZING TEAM!

Bryan Sauerman- General Manager

Early on, I started out by joining the military. I spent 12 years in the US Coast Guard, as a Culinary Specialist and opted to do a tour in the Middle East. I was trained in rescue swimming, law enforcement, coxswain and grounds maintenance, among many other things. 

     Upon getting out of the military, I managed an RV park in my hometown of Edgewood, in the mountainous desert of central New Mexico. While I found some enjoyment in that experience, I still felt something was missing. We found that Washington is our happy place and I feel lucky to be able to utilize what seems like a lifetime of experience, here at LMCH. 


Tim Gonzalez -Acting Facilities Manager 

Tim has been active as the chair of Volunteer security and has held the position of Acting Camp Manger and Facilities Manager in the past. 

Kathy Evey – Membership Services Manager / Office Manager

Kathy joined us in September of 2017. She has been a member of LMCH and has been involved in many camp activies, also having served as the Activities ChairShe brings excellent experience in cutomer service, team building  and organization with her.

Kathy enjoys traveling with her husband Troy and spending time with her 3 children, dogs and chickens. Kathy also enjoys quilting, reading and spending time with friends at the lake.

You can reach Kathy by email at kevey@lmch.com

Dave Andersen – Sales Manager

Dave is a 
 member and has been here at LMCH since 2000.                 He and his wife Anita have a blended family.  
“Family is huge for me...not only in value but size: 8 kids, 7 grandchildren, and 4 dogs.  I enjoy videography and video editing, playing guitar, kayaking, karaoke, and writing.  I have a background in sales, real estate, and the mortgage industry.
  I am huge on processes, making things efficient and better.  I want to help the Hideaway be the best place it can be.“  Dave Andersen - Sales Manager 
Gayle Kennedy – Membership Secretary

Gayle has been with the Hideaway since 1988 in the position of Membership
Secretary. This is more than a career to Gayle, the Hideaway is her passion and she has invested many years dedicated to our Members who have all come to love her. She is a HUGE asset to our team! Gayle is full of stories and history of how the Hideaway has become the wonderful place that it is. Gayle is funny and has a huge heart and we are grateful for her every day! 

Gayle and her husband have raised two incredible daughters, both of 
which have also worked at the Hideaway. In her down time, she enjoys spending time at her beach house with her family. 

You can reach Gayle by email at gayle@lmch.com
Debby Loundagin - Assistant Membership Secretary

Debby began working part time at the office in the spring of 2003 and began working full time in 2007.  Debby is responsible for creating our weekly editions of Things-N-Stuff. Debby has a very creative side and is actively involved singing Barbershop in her Quartet "Up to Something" and "The Sweet Adelines" as well as a multitude of other activities. Debby is another big asset to our team, with her infectious smile and humor. She is a huge animal lover. 

You can reach Debby by email at debby@lmch.com


Michael Miller–  Security

Michael began working in Spring of 2022

 Jason Pasco - Part Time Security

Jason began working in July of 2019

                                      Maintenance Staff

 (Pictured L-R) Wade Weimer, Andy Watkins, Holly Bryson, Matt Gomes,  Jim Marshall, Donny Williams, Gene Winders, Brian Asburry
Gene Winders - Lead Maintenance  
Gene began at LMCH in 2006.  He directs the maintenance team,  delivers gravel and works on power and water and many other various projects.  He retired from the family auto body business and turned it over to his son.  On his off time he enjoys raising his Black Angus Cattle and running his farm. 
Brian Asburry - Maintenance III
Brian was hired as a full time addition to the Maintenance crew in 2011. He previously worked as Part time security and part time maintenance before coming on as full time.
Andy Watkins - Maintenance II  
Andy Joined the Maintenance staff in the Summer of 2018.
Wade Weimer - Maintenance II  
Wade started in 2005 as a Pool Attendant and then joined the Maintenance crew in 2006.  Wade is newly married and enjoys spending time with his wife.
Holly Bryson- Maintenance II  Holly joined us in the Spring of 2016 as a part time/seasonal employee and was hired on as a full a full time employee in October of 2017. 
Donny Williams - Maintenance I . Donny joined us in the spring of 2014 as a part time/ Seasonal employee. He was hired on as a full time employee in April of 2016

                                    Pool Staff
Noah Berglund - Pool Attendant  
 Zarcon Hogan - Pool Attendant  


Guy Schoenborn _Finance Manager

Guy joined Lake Merwin Campers Hideaway in January 2020. Guy draws on the vast experience gained while working at Portland General Electric (PGE) and through the years of experience working as a financial advisor with another local NW advising firm. 

Guy earned his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting in 2003 from Portland State University and became a CPA in 2005.

Guy is a lifelong resident of the Portland/Vancouver area.  He loves being in the outdoors, participating in most sports and spending time with his family and friends.

You can reach Guy by email at finance@lmch.com      
 Craig Powell - Bookkeeper
Craig Joined us in July of 2019
You can reach Craig by email at cpowell@lmch.com



Gabby                                                      Leo
 2005-2016                                               2017



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