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Why These Names?
Amboy, WA

When A.M. Ball circulated a petition asking for a post office in 1886, he was given the honor of naming the town. There are several versions of how he made his choice, but one version is that there were several settlers with the initials A.M.B. As well as Mr. Ball, there was Mr. A.M. Browning and Mr. A.M. Blaker, who incidentally were called the A.M. Boy.

Chelatchie Prairie, WA

Named in 1853 by a railroad surveyor after the nearby Chelatchie Creek. Chelatchie is an Indian word describing a flat area covered with ferns.

Yacolt, WA

Yacolt is an Indian word meaning “place abounding in evil spirits” or “haunted valley.” Legend says that five Indian children were lost while picking wild berries and the demon, Yacolt, had gotten them.




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